From pencils to pixels

I was born on 1976 in a green, small town of Central Italy, the same year the mighty Black Sabbath released Technical Ecstasy. I have been deeply interested in drawing and computing since I can even remember; one of my first memories is of a cold afternoon of the Eighties, when my older brother unboxed a weird black gadget in the living room: it was a ZX Spectrum. I was immediately fascinated by its stunning hi-res graphic capabilities, and almost straight off began to try to figure out how my favourite game was made.

Beyond the binary underworld

While most front end designers and developers understandably only focus on improving their computer science education, I've always thought the Web designer work as a necessary blend of two fundamental scopes: humanities and technology. Being a former art historian, I naturally tend to get a deeper insight into the aesthetic and semantic aspects of each project, providing an unique, comprehensive outlook on every single detail.

Headhunters' basket

Although currently based in Italy, I am available for hiring worldwide on a permanent contract basis with three weeks of notice, as I would be more than enthusiastic to relocate abroad and learn about new cultures. Let's team up: I reasonably believe I could significantly help you improve your company's presence on the Web bringing your templates and interfaces to the highest standards. I would also possibly take into consideration remote collaborations if such a working relationship is preferred. Just contact me.

I don't know you !

According to people who have known me for years, I am a judicious, thoughtful person, inclined to analysis and evaluation; accuracy, attention to details, loyalty and punctuality are among my best qualities. My main interests, aside from Web design and development, are progressive rock music of the Seventies, obscure and little-known medieval painters like Andrea Delitio, vintage advertising and finding rare books in flea markets. Oh, yes, and I do also enjoy good pints and onion rings.




Versioning / Deployment

Design / Prototyping

Download the .pdf file (119kb) Curriculum Vitae