A CSS3 animated, progressively enhanced swipe panel for handheld devices

The introduction of highly interactive, user-friendly mobile interfaces, mostly accomplished by Apple and Google with their flagship operating systems, iOS and Android, made users increasingly aware of new ways to interact with handheld devices; web developers have consequently been encouraged to enrich their browser-based applications by enhancing UI modules with gesture-capable elements reminiscent of the […]

Javascript deployment: a brief but hopefully useful guide to source code concatenation and minification

When working on particularly complex and fragmented Javascript routines – whose development is perhaps distributed among several team members – it is extremely important to standardize and streamline concatenation, minification and deployment processes. A number of instruments useful to achieve part of this goal are available online as standalone Web applications (JSMin, JS Minifier, Online […]

Multiple Carousels: an unobtrusive, JsonP-enabled, OOP Javascript application

Client-side frameworks are undoubtly vital in any large-scale Web development project; narrower tasks like widgets, photo galleries or feed readers, however, may require more lightweight and independent solutions. The «Multiple Carousels» application has been written in pure Javascript, exploiting the native OOP capabilites of the language and a few relatively new features such as the requestAnimationFrame […]